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Sunday, June 22, 2008


It's called NUMI TEAS and the one I have is a Flowering Tea. The box I was given as a gift had 5 or 6 flavours in it, mostly white teas.

This one is "Flower Jewel": "hand picked white tea crowned by a bright pink amaranth flower. The dancing petals bissfully open as sweet jasmine scents this captivating elixir."

I have to say the tea tastes nice, although it's not a very strong variety. However, I've also discovered that any white teas I've tried so far are like the Rooibos teas that I've tried: they all upset my stomach!

I love tea, and my favourite other than a good ol' strong cup of "regular" tea is Tetley's Green Tea. YUM!


In just a week or less, I'll be posting here to ask you to go vote for our second monthly Photo Contest.

Stay tuned!


We had some pretty hot weather here yesterday, first official day of summer. My house SUCKS at cooling off so whenever it's hot outside I can't get away from it even in here.

However, after dealing with swollen and sore feet and ankles yesterday, I awoke to cooler temps and a lovely soft rain. It's a nice change!

Heading out for the grocery run with hubby soon. Anyone need anything?

Have a good week coming up everyone, and take good care of each other.


Love Jude


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