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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Monday night and two nights before full moon, I was actually out in my front yard in my nightgown with camera in hand, admiring the solar lights hubby had placed in our gardens. When I looked up and across the street, I decided I needed to run in the house and grab my tripod to capture some shots of a beautiful scene unfolding before me. The clouds were feathering and floating over the moon, which was as bright as a fireball.

It almost made me want to start howling with the beauty of it!

I hope you're having a groovy week, and not having to put up with too many crabby people like we are at work. Why is it that all the crankpots show up in our office for service when full moon is about to hit and they feel like taking it out on us?

Take good care of each other, and until the new moon.......


Love Jude


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