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Monday, June 02, 2008


It's here!

A few friends of mine with cameras in hand had an idea for some fun, and we now have a brand new blog started up just for photo competitions.

This month's theme is "Patriotic", and we've now finished posting our entries. Each of us are posting blog entries just like I am here on our blogs/websites for people to go vote.

Please make your way over to Stardom Awaits! and vote for you favourite photo; voting is anonymous so don't worry about hurting anyone's feelings! It's all for fun anyway!

On the sidebar (right side) over there you'll see a "Vote Caster" where you can place your vote, easy as pie.

(To avoid any confusion, just so you know there may be more names on the Vote Caster than there are people who placed entries. That is only because not all participants were able to make this contest.)

I'll post here once the voting is done to send you back to see which photo won.

Thank you for taking part in the voting, and enjoy the photo entries!

Love Jude


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