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Saturday, June 07, 2008


He wasn't "singing", but hubby was happily out there in a rainstorm yesterday planting some more new shrubs and perennials we bought. Slowly, our gardens have been filling up over the last two years since he started them.

He does the actual gardening, watering, weeding and fertilizing; I do the "come with me to help me decide what plants to get honey" and the "come outside and tell me where we should put these plants honey". I made a deal with him years ago that I'll do the indoors stuff (cleaning, cooking, etc.) and he can do the outside work. I HATE being out in the heat and/or insects, and unless I'm wandering around with my camera you won't see me outdoors overly much in the summer.

I picked this shrub out at the nursery, it's a Flamingo Willow and I was attracted to the white and pink leaf tips, which look great against all the greens in the garden. The whole idea I'm trying to create is a mixture of colours out there, lights, darks, different shades of green and some burgundy and golds.

Mixing in different textures as well makes it more interesting to look at. There are a couple of kinds of grasses, some tiny leafed ground crawlers, broad leafed plants, shrubs of different varieties and flowering plants.

So far I think we're doing a pretty good job of those things. (keep in mind it has yet to "fill in" for the summer) It's a variety of textures and colours, in my humble and "know nothing about gardening" opinion, that make a garden look interesting. At least for ME, and it could be just personal taste.

Here you can see the 2 yr. old "Snow In Winter" ground cover with it's white flowers starting to pop. The dark green plants ("flashing light" dianthus) around it sport beautiful little red flowers and it looks so pretty when they are both in bloom at the same time. However the dianthus hasn't flowered quite yet, everything being a little late this year due to the early spring winter storm we had.

At day's end, hubby was happy to be out there in his rainproof bright orange "covies", taking advantage of Mother Nature's FREE WATER to help feed the newlings. What we also bought the day before was a huge yellow flowered Day Lily, 2 kinds of Spirea (pink flowers and red), a Blue Star juniper ornamental dwarf tree, and some Scotch Moss to plant along the fence.

It's definitely looking good out there, and at this time of year it's so nice to see the difference after the "yuk" winter leaves in the gardens. It's popping!

And I'll never lose hubby in the rain in THAT outfit, would I?

And Tracey, he's finally after all this time agreed to plant those sunflower seeds! I hope they will still grow!

And, for anyone who missed my last post, a reminder to anyone who hasn't already gone over to vote for their favourite photograph, the voting for May's contest ends Friday June 13th. at Stardom Awaits!, thanks! The winner will be announced on the weekend and the JUNE contest will be at the end of June, with a reminder here at the Hippie Chick's blog.

Such fun!

I hope you all have a great weekend, stay safe and take good care of each other.

Love Jude


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