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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Four days ago (last Saturday) my best friend Michele and our "next" best friend Leona got together for what I've called our "First Annual 3 Chicks Gardens Tour".

You all probably know by now how much I abhore outdoor duty, and the fact that hubby and I have an agreement. I do the indoor work, he does the outdoor stuff. I DO have a big hand in picking out what we want for plants, and where they might be placed in the garden, but he does the planting and maintenance.

My 2 friends however, both LOVE getting their hands in the dirt each year, and they both have fabulous gardens to prove it!

We started off at my house when Michele came to pick me up (I don't drive). My roses were mostly just budding at the time, except for my favourite one, the yellow and red baby shown above. It isn't showing all of its colours yet though, mostly just yellow.

And our Pear tree that had its very first spring with us last year and produced one pear, this summer has I bet 50 of them. At this stage of the game they're still very small of course, but how exciting! I'm hoping that as young and small as this tree is, the fruit it bears will be bigger this year than last year's little pear.

And the Snow In Summer was at it's height of lovliness, sitting against the bright red of the "Flashing Light" Dianthus. Four days later (today) and after a LOT of heat here, the Snow In Summer is finally finished it's flowering.

From my house, we went on to Leona's beautiful home. There, we sat out on her deck and had coffee and brownies while we admired her shrubbery heaven and caught the wonderful scents.

Leona's garden is well established in that her lilac and rose bushes are large and have lots of flowers on them. Of course at this time of year the lilacs are pretty much done.

But OH! how beautiful is this rose bush!!

The bright pink petals were almost too bright for a sunny picture, but you can see just how colourful this was, and can't you almost smell them? YUM. As I wandered around her yard with my camera, there were so many flowers that even the wasps didn't pay us much attention. And I'm terrified of them, so that was a bonus.

Up against her deck is a garden profuse with so many different types of flowering plants that I'll bet I only recognized a couple of them. (what do I know though!) These pink darlings were just begging for a close up (macro) shot.

From Leona's we went on to Michele's home, where I've spent a few lovely hours in the past with my best pal, surrounded by her angel figurines and pretty plantings. I zen out with her every time I go there. AND, she fed us lunch ~ my favourite one too! She makes the BEST chicken fingers and fries, and caesar salad. We had wine that Leona brought, and lemon squares for dessert that I baked.

Michele, unlike hubby and I, has several really pretty garden art pieces tucked here and there, like this sweet angel on a swing hanging under a shady tree branch.

Michele's garden has also been well established, although she does change things out from time to time. I love how peaceful and quiet it is back there. And there are some really huge trees in neighbouring yards, which brings out one of my favourite sounds. Other than rain falling, I adore the sound of the breeze in the tree leaves.

Another pretty little adornment, how simple but how beautiful. A cross on the side of her garden shed.

Michele has an abundance of different flowers in her garden, but this one's bright colours really caught my eye.

Naturally I got a lot more pictures than these, but it would make for a very photo heavy post so I've pared them down. Just know that we had a really nice time doing our garden tour and we're thinking we might just have to make it an annual chick get-together.


4 days later, back at my house our lilies are opening like crazy, the roses are in full bloom with lots more buds coming, and the Spikebroom looked pretty against the watering hubby was giving it when I was out there after work tonight.


Just a reminder, if you haven't yet, please go on over to Stardom Awaits! and place one vote for your favourite photo. (just ONE please!) Voting is open for about 10 more days. Thank you!

We're still in the midst of a bit of a heatwave here and it's making me quite sick. I'm hoping this doesn't last all friggin' summer.

I hope you're all having a good week, to my American readers I wish you a safe and fun 4th.of July! Get pictures and post 'em!

Take good care of each other, and until next time.........

Love Jude


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