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Thursday, August 21, 2008


The time of Vietnam and all of the slogans and protests that went along with it. "Make Love Not War!" The era of bell bottoms, hipsters, flowers in your hair, and the beautiful peace sign. The music that first paved the path for hard rock and heavy metal. Groovin' out to the Beatles, The Doors, The Stones, Cream, Steppenwolf and Led Zeppelin.

I am a product of that Hippie era, though a year or 2 too young to have partaken in any of the movements I dressed the part and rocked to the tunes. It's a part of me in a very big way, and those years hold memories for me that define me partly as to who I am today.

Growing up in a household with a loving but strict father in the military (and one who worried over the drug craze), even if I had been old enough to drop out and trip on the free love, I never would have just because of my upbringing. Still, I snuck out of the house bra-less when going out with friends (burn the bra!!) and yes I even tried marijuana and alcohol, although I didn't like them and immediately discovered they weren't for me.

It was exciting times. I wish I could live them all over again, I would!

Now 40+ years later and being a Hippie Chick at heart, my life took me in all sorts of directions; joy and deep pain, hard work and play. The learning of karma and life experiences (the School of Life is in reality the School of Hard Knocks sometimes) and I grew physically, mentally and spiritually. My life's priorities can be summed up with the 3 "F"'s: my Faith, my Family, and my Friends. And temporarily, that 4th. "F" which is "f*cking mentalpause"!

11 years ago when I had my "Naming Ceremony" (like a baptism) into my Spiritualist Church, I was named and given the meaning of my name. "Give thanks to God for the many blows of pain that drive you back to Him in harmony. You grow from pity and compassion, sorrow and grief, to your destiny in the Summerland. This is where you will find the joy of understanding ~ to walk with the growth of nature between your toes, to have the fields be your companion and to know your heart. Fulfillment will come when wisdom is your friend." I can't even begin to tell you how so much of that is already a Truth for me!

It IS the hardships that first brought me fully into my faith and my connection with it. And now it is even the joys that bring me closer. I actually "feel" more deeply and my eyes tear up more easily, often in a good way.

And because I know where serenity and peace are, I can find them so much faster when I need them. Not to say that I'm not human; I still react the same as I always did but I can find comfort where I couldn't so easily before.

I laugh easily, and enjoy the little things so much more! Yes, I FEEL more, I FEEL deeper, having discovered the depths of me that I never used to know were there. And it's wonderful.

If you want to know about who and what I am, think of someone whose heart cries out in pain for those who lose a loved one or a beloved pet. Think of someone who cries tears of pain and rage for a defenseless child or animal who has been abused. Someone who gives silent thanks for every beautiful sunset and for the sound of the breeze in the leaves of trees; the wonderful fresh scent when it starts to rain.

Think of someone who cherishes her loved ones and feels such humility at being loved by them and by her Maker in spite of her shortcomings. How can it be so??

This Hippie Chick is so blessed!

Take good care of each other, we're all that we've got!

Love Jude


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