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Thursday, August 14, 2008


With her permission, I am bringing this to my blog and therefore making it "public" as it were.

My sister Brenda just found out that the tests from her recent surgery came back as positive for breast cancer. They have told her that they "got it all" in surgery and that it is it's non-invasive and low grade. Whatever that means.... it sounds hopeful though doesn't it? She is waiting to hear from the Cross Cancer Institute here in our city for information about what follow up treatment she will need. She mentioned the possibility of radiation.

Breast cancer doesn't "run" in our family so this is startling to say the least. Brenda has 2 children (well 4 with her step sons) a wonderful hubby, and 3 of us sisters all giving her lots of support. Today I am taking her as a surprise to a Spa near my place for a massage to soothe her nerves. Hell, I'm going through some minor (compared to her) stresses in my life right now so *I'm* getting one too. They've booked us into a "couples" room so that we can get a massage side-by-side and enjoy it together.

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, and I'm asking for some help here in that regard. If any of my readers are so inclined, please would you keep Brenda in your prayers? Even just sending some positive and healing thoughts in her direction would be most appreciated.

I thank you all so much!

I will keep you posted......

Take good care of each other.

Love Jude


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