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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Four years of sharing, venting, tears, laughter, and most important of all ~ making friendships!

The whole reason I started blogging was because of the friendships and it's still the same reason I am still here blogging today. If it wasn't for you guys, what's the point anyway, right?

Four years ago today I started out with 4 bloglinks (Danni, Janna, Debs and Lors), and only Danni is still blogging but we all still keep in touch nonetheless. For example my "sista" Janna hasn't blogged for about 3 years but I can't imagine not staying connected with her. We CONNECT, and in my opinion, at a soul level in so many ways. Friendships made and kept. Those 4 bloglinks very quickly became many more and over the years some have gone and are not blogging anymore, but other new links have been added and thus new friendships made.

I've been there when friends have gone through ferocious fights with cancer, lost loved ones, watched their kids grow up and leave home, celebrated new babies, commiserated menopause, go through divorce, get married, got sick and then got well, had joys and felt pain.... and I feel like you are all a family to me.

And all these blog buddies have been here for me too, through my own ups, downs, laughter, request for prayers and happy dances.

Nope, I couldn't keep doing this without you guys ~ you're what makes it work. So to all of you, thank you for the good 'blogships'; and here's to another 4 more years at least!

And... Happy 4th. Birthday, Blog o'mine!


If you haven't seen it yet, the "Night" photo contest winners are announced in the post previous to this one!

Take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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