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Friday, October 31, 2008


Today is the day of ghouls and goblins, screechy things in the night, and all things scary!

Have a fun Halloween!

And an update to my previous post on my sister Brenda ~ she can't thank every one of you enough for your positive thoughts and prayers and would like me to once again publicly thank you!

As it sits right now she has seen her plastic surgeon and is trying to weigh options and make some decisions before surgery. As they found cancerous and pre-cancerous cells in the surrounding breast tissue after excising the tumour, she is worried whether there might be more of these cells in other breast. The thing is, the cells themselves don't show up in any tests like her tumour did. So she may opt to just have a double mastectomy but isn't sure. Agonizing to say the least, and we are doing all we can to help support her emotionally. Your best wishes for her I keep passing on to her so that helps too. Thank you! I will update again as I know more.

Now, get out there and have a spooky night!

Scare ya later!


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