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Monday, October 20, 2008


One day last week just after I got out of bed I could see that we'd had a major frost during the night.

The sun was just starting to make it's rising journey in the sky, and I grabbed my camera to capture what I could before the sun's rays took it all away. It was chilly as I knelt in the grass for some of these shots, but a lovely and invigorating way to wake up as my coffee brewed inside and awaited me.

The beauty of frost to me is very similar to snow. It's the sparkle when the light hits it that catches my attention and makes me grateful for nature's bounty for the eyes.

This was shot kneeling on the deck, the deck boards were slippery with the coating of frost and reminiscent of the first skiff of snow. Which is yet to come!

The flowers out front really showed off their autumn morning jewellry like they were lined up for a fashion show. Show offs!

Here it is quite thick, and I must say that after this frost the next days told of browning and dying petals. Ah but the circle of life and seasons is what I love so much about living where I do. Everything goes to sleep eventually under a warm thick blanket of white, only to awaken in Spring's warm rays and come alive again to surprise us.

The two flowering plants that do the best in spite of frost are the mums and the roses.

This one isn't looking quite this good now, but it's still hanging in there. I love this variety of rose for it's colours. So different from the standard reds, pinks, whites and yellows. And it wears diamonds quite well, don't you think?

And my favourite in the rose garden, I don't know what this one is called but I have unofficially named it "Fireburst", the colours remind me of fire. When hubby cuts these down to the ground I know I needn't be sad; just like always they will once again flourish in the coming year!

Old Jack Frost visited my garden. And he's finding his way here now on a daily basis. Hi Jack. Just don't bring ol' Frosty the Snowman with you quite yet okay?

I hope you all have a great week where you are. Take good care of each other and God bless.

Love Jude


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