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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Yesterday was an extremely looooooooong day in our family.

Our sister Brenda had her mastectomy.

We went to see her tonight, and she's looking so much better than what I imagined. She's in TONS of pain, yes, but damned if she wasn't sitting up, and had already been for a few walks up and down the halls today...... only hours after her surgery! She's shocking even the nurses. But she's determined NOT to have any complications like blod clots or pneumonia (she has a horrible time for awhile with her lungs after surgery) and she wants to keep blood flowing and get outta there and home as soon as possible. She's not overdoing anything though, and her surgery areas (tummy and breast) aren't being comprimised.

So, here's what happened.

They spent 8 or 9 hours in surgery, after the mastectomy they tried several times to transplant tummy tissue into her breast to reconstruct. But her tummy tissue has turned out to be "too fragile" and each time it kept tearing apart. In the end they had to give up and leave it as is, for her to later make a decision whether she wishes to try reconstruction another way, or from buttock tissue. Her hubby Rory has told me (and her) that it doesn't matter to him one bit if she just leaves it as it is, she's beautiful anyway. Her plastic surgeon is one of the best, and he's extremely maticulous. He was so upset that this didn't work when he spoke to them today.

So, she's feeling a bit down that she didn't come out of this with a reconstructed breast. But, she's happy for the good news, as are we all:

They found no other cancer!! :-)

And, about a week before her surgery she went for a pre-op visit to her doc and he detected what he felt might be a problem with her heart. On Tuesday (her surgery was 3 days later) she went for some heart tests.

They got the results back from that today too, and her heart is fine! :-)

She got a tummy tuck out of the deal.

So the medically important stuff is all good news. Thank you all for you prayers and good thoughts!

I took her some things tonight, one being sheets I printed off all of your well wishes and comments you've been leaving so she could read them, and she was so overcome with it all. She asked me to thank you from the bottom of her heart. And I thank you also, from the bottom of mine. ;-)

She's a long road of recovery and healing ahead but she'll get there. With all the good vibes coming at her how can she NOT?

Love Jude

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'd like to wish my U.S. blog buddies a Happy Thanksgiving today!

So what are your plans? And are you really eating turkey?


Love Jude

Thursday, November 20, 2008


While we still don't have any snow, the temperatures have plummeted to a point where when the wind blows it feels like January! Still, I'm not unhappy about the dry pavement and don't mind if it stays that way until Christmas Eve. Don't ask for much do I?

Speaking of me asking for much.... a quick update on my sister Brenda. Her mastectomy surgery is still scheduled for a week from now on Friday Nov.28th. She went in to see her doc for a routine pre-op visit, only to leave there even more scared. It seems there may be a problem with her heart. She has an appointment this Tuesday for some heart tests now, so we don't know if her mastectomy (which she's spent the last weeks psyching herself up for) will be postponed but she's sure hoping it isn't.

I hope I can impose on you all again for those great thoughts and prayers for Brenda. I'll keep you all updated.

We're getting our furnace and hot water heater replaced next week too, and wouldn't you know it was scheduled for the same day as Brenda's surgery! It's a 2 day installation process and I have to be home (someone has to and hubby works full time) both days so they can be here. I was hoping to spend the day at the hospital with Brenda's hubby Rory to give him some support (I love the guy, he's wonderful) and be there when Brenda wakes up. I'll most likely try to get there that night or the next day.

Have I told you all recently how much I think you rock?!

Take good care of each other, we're all that we have.

Love Jude

Friday, November 14, 2008


Once again, a very huge thank you goes out from all of us over at Stardom Awaits! to all of you who have participated in voting. You make it happen!

The winners of the "Autumn" theme contest are...........

Congratulations to all the photogs, there were some really beautiful shots!

Next up, in 2 weeks time the contest will be "Halloween", so stay tuned!

Love Jude

Sunday, November 09, 2008


The 11th. hour of the 11th. day of the 11th. month...... on November 11, 1918 The Great War ended. This year of 2008 marks the 90th. Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day 2008

Before You Go

"Quietly you’ve all turned gray
You did your job you saved our way
Our life and freedom you preserved
We’ve thanked you less than you’ve deserved

You never boasted, bragged or asked
For adulation for your past
You did the job you knew was right
And quietly, you cry at night
For bodies maimed and comrades lost
For sights beyond our furthest thoughts
For what you’ve lived and felt and seen
For what the cost of freedom means

You leave us blessed with every breath
That cost you arms and legs and death
You won the worst and greatest war
We owe you more, we owe you more

Thank you for your wondrous feats
For open speech and quiet streets
For worship as we choose to pray
For preservation of our way

Before you go, we need to show
That in your silence we still know
What you accomplished and what you did
For who we are and how we live

So go with love from wives and sons
and daughters for a job well done
From kids who’ve never seen a tank
We give you thanks, we give you thanks
Thank you for your wondrous feats
For open speech and quiet streets
For worship as we choose to pray
For preservation of our way
For homes and jobs and baseball games
For many colors many names

You saved our lives and we’re still free
From shining sea to shining sea
Thank You, Thank You,
Thank You…. Go in Peace"

And I can't do a Remembrance Day post without always including one of my very favourites. PITTANCE OF TIME

Canada's soldiers, and all of her allies' soldiers. I remember, I will always remember. Bless all those who died for our freedom, and may none of us ever forget how Freedom is not free....


Sunday, November 02, 2008


Wow 2 posts in 2 days, what's this world coming to for the Hippie Chick? LOL

Well folks it's time again to go vote!

This time it's the "Autumn" theme, and you can head on over to Stardom Awaits! and help us out by voting for your ONE favourite shot.

I'd like to welcome Janna as a Guest Photo Entrant this month too. Good luck Janna!

I thought I'd do what seems to be becoming the 'norm' and post some of my shots that didn't make the cut for this contest, damn it's hard to choose!









I wish all the entrants good luck, and thanks again to you guys who vote! The voting will be open for the next couple of weeks and once the votes are tallied I will post the winner(s) here.

Love Jude

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Sister Pammie and I had so much fun decorating again this year! It took us almost a couple hours I think, and then only about 15 minutes to haul it all back inside when it was over.


Pam took some shots of me (I was a zombie type witch, hatless) but I had to add many effects and contrast to the shots just to make them appear spooky. Otherwise, besides the purply-blue eyeshadow under my eyes and black pencilled in wrinkles I would have looked the same as always really, just scarier. LOL! All the contrast took my nose off though! Pammie wasn't decked out so no pics of her...



3. I love this little wreath of Pammie's





Now on to some real fun, videos!

This is before sunset, when the victims er, kiddies were just hitting the neighbourhood, you can hear them in the background:

Waiting For The Tasty Children

And this is in between the little ones as it was getting darker (and spoooookier!):

Darkness Falls

'Twas indeed a fun night, and again this year we got many compliments from both kids and parents on our decorations and creepy sounds CD blaring away.

I hope it was a fun night for all of you too!

Love Jude