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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Yesterday was an extremely looooooooong day in our family.

Our sister Brenda had her mastectomy.

We went to see her tonight, and she's looking so much better than what I imagined. She's in TONS of pain, yes, but damned if she wasn't sitting up, and had already been for a few walks up and down the halls today...... only hours after her surgery! She's shocking even the nurses. But she's determined NOT to have any complications like blod clots or pneumonia (she has a horrible time for awhile with her lungs after surgery) and she wants to keep blood flowing and get outta there and home as soon as possible. She's not overdoing anything though, and her surgery areas (tummy and breast) aren't being comprimised.

So, here's what happened.

They spent 8 or 9 hours in surgery, after the mastectomy they tried several times to transplant tummy tissue into her breast to reconstruct. But her tummy tissue has turned out to be "too fragile" and each time it kept tearing apart. In the end they had to give up and leave it as is, for her to later make a decision whether she wishes to try reconstruction another way, or from buttock tissue. Her hubby Rory has told me (and her) that it doesn't matter to him one bit if she just leaves it as it is, she's beautiful anyway. Her plastic surgeon is one of the best, and he's extremely maticulous. He was so upset that this didn't work when he spoke to them today.

So, she's feeling a bit down that she didn't come out of this with a reconstructed breast. But, she's happy for the good news, as are we all:

They found no other cancer!! :-)

And, about a week before her surgery she went for a pre-op visit to her doc and he detected what he felt might be a problem with her heart. On Tuesday (her surgery was 3 days later) she went for some heart tests.

They got the results back from that today too, and her heart is fine! :-)

She got a tummy tuck out of the deal.

So the medically important stuff is all good news. Thank you all for you prayers and good thoughts!

I took her some things tonight, one being sheets I printed off all of your well wishes and comments you've been leaving so she could read them, and she was so overcome with it all. She asked me to thank you from the bottom of her heart. And I thank you also, from the bottom of mine. ;-)

She's a long road of recovery and healing ahead but she'll get there. With all the good vibes coming at her how can she NOT?

Love Jude


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