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Thursday, November 20, 2008


While we still don't have any snow, the temperatures have plummeted to a point where when the wind blows it feels like January! Still, I'm not unhappy about the dry pavement and don't mind if it stays that way until Christmas Eve. Don't ask for much do I?

Speaking of me asking for much.... a quick update on my sister Brenda. Her mastectomy surgery is still scheduled for a week from now on Friday Nov.28th. She went in to see her doc for a routine pre-op visit, only to leave there even more scared. It seems there may be a problem with her heart. She has an appointment this Tuesday for some heart tests now, so we don't know if her mastectomy (which she's spent the last weeks psyching herself up for) will be postponed but she's sure hoping it isn't.

I hope I can impose on you all again for those great thoughts and prayers for Brenda. I'll keep you all updated.

We're getting our furnace and hot water heater replaced next week too, and wouldn't you know it was scheduled for the same day as Brenda's surgery! It's a 2 day installation process and I have to be home (someone has to and hubby works full time) both days so they can be here. I was hoping to spend the day at the hospital with Brenda's hubby Rory to give him some support (I love the guy, he's wonderful) and be there when Brenda wakes up. I'll most likely try to get there that night or the next day.

Have I told you all recently how much I think you rock?!

Take good care of each other, we're all that we have.

Love Jude


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