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Friday, February 20, 2009


Yep, the butt end of winter is now with us, and before we know it the first official day of spring will be here ~ only one month from today!! Surprisingly, this season went a lot faster than it usually does for me. After Christmas it usually seems endless months of "Januaries and Februaries", not that I mind winter and actually love some of it. Ah well perhaps it is only the fact that another year older for the Hippie Chick means the time speeds up even more.

I don't have a lot of news worthy items to relate to you, things have been pretty quiet around here. Sister Brenda is healing nicely, thank God, and has gone back to work. Sister Pammie's 2 doggies (lights of my life) are both well, although showing signs of aging. Particularly Lady, she is partially blind and deaf now. Not completely, but still we notice it. I've managed to so far (!!) stay clear of all the colds and flu/stomach viruses that have been rampant at work and even here at home. Pammie hasn't been feeling well but is a bit better now.

So all in all it's been blessedly quiet with no great stresses. Thank you, I'll take that with a smile! My only worry at the moment is that a good blog friend of mine (Orion, in my links) has shipped out to "somewhere". He's in the U.S. Army and we know he'll be going to Iraq but of course we don't know exactly when. He just blogged that he's going to be out of touch for the next while so we can only assume that's where he has been deployed to. Wherever you are O, love and Godspeed to you!

Here are a couple more of the photo projects I did earlier that I promised I would post. I hope you enjoy!

Out my bedroom window:

This is the first project I did:

I'm on a day off, and today is laundry day. My little timer is about to go off and I need to head back down to the laundry room. So I will leave you with this and hope you all have a very good weekend. Take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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