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Friday, March 20, 2009


Officially, it's the first day of Spring anyway! Outside here we still have snow, although it has been slowly melting. I took this just the other day, a gigantic spikey killer thing hanging off our garage:

It had to be as long as I am tall. After I took this shot I knocked it down, so as not to endanger sister Pammie's 2 little doggies if they walked under it and it fell. Yikes what a thought!

There isn't a lot of newsworthy goodies here to talk about, just plugging along and happy to report that my annual flu shot last fall has once again helped me through another winter! Both of the other 2 adults who live in this house (sister Pammie and my hubby) have had bouts of colds and or stomach viruses over the last while. My flu shot always boosts my immune system so that if I feel anything coming on I just load up on Vitamin C and Echinacea for a day or so and it's gone. With the help of that, and endless wiping of doorknobs etc. with my handy disinfecting Lysol wipes and constant cleaning my hands with alcohol hand sanitizer and soap and water, so far I've managed to stay healthy!

Now that I've said that out loud, my flu shot would be wearing off by now and God help me if hubby gets his usual very bad spring head cold. Ugh!

I had a lovely dinner out last evening with some of the girls from my department at work, and tonight I've got another dinner out with a girlfriend I only see a few times a year so I'm looking forward to that. I'd best get my week's laundry started so that I will be ready to go when she gets here!

As promised awhile back here are the last of my photo collages. I hope you enjoy!

I hope you all have a great upcoming weekend, take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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