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Monday, April 27, 2009


You are always there for me, all of you, whenever I've asked for support and/or prayers, you're a great bunch of friends! Well I'm asking you all again to lend your support and prayers for a very, very good friend of mine.

You've no doubt seen comments here from one of my blog buddies (in my links), my friend Janna. Sista J. and I go back to the beginning days of my blogging, and she's dear to my heart. She just found out that she has breast cancer.

She's just told her story on her blog, which I'm sure was very hard for her to do as she's not one to easily share her woes. If you would like, please go over to I'm Just Sayin' and let her know you're pulling for her. I know she'd be buoyed up with all the support. Thank you, so much!

Janna, you hang in there. You're going to be okay!

Love Jude


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