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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Hi everyone, sorry I've not been here much other than to vent about illness!

I'm feeling somewhat better and will be heading back to work tomorrow. The BIGGEST thing was that I was able to make it on Friday morning to my best friend's Mom's funeral. I really wanted to be there for her, but wasn't sure up to the last minute if I could actually leave the house for that long. But I did, and it was okay. Thank God!

It's so obvious that the seasons have changed, as so many bloggers aren't blogging so much these days but rather are outside enjoying the spring. In less than a month it will be the longest day of the year! I really do like the longer hours of daylight, especially not getting up in the dark in the mornings. :-)

As I type this, hubby is outside fertilizing and watering the lawns that he mowed yesterday. This is the back yard garden, and the 2 yr. old lilacs are getting quite leafy. The one on the right (white arrow) actually has some purple lilac flowers showing up at the top this year! The smaller one on the left (orange arrow) isn't showing any signs of flowers yet, but when it does (maybe in a year or two?) they will be light pink. I LOVE the smell of lilacs.

And the birds are singing up a storm in the trees out there, and enjoying playing in our MayDay tree which is finally beginning to get some flowers on it!

Hubby was chatting away to me and I finally said, "okay I'm going to shoot a wee video of the birds singing" so he decided to be quiet for a minute. LOL! Yes, the back of the yard is a MESS and it's all hubby's mess, one of these years he will clean that up once he has built his winter parking pad for his one-ton truck back there. Just click on the video to play:

We're off in a couple of hours to do the weekly grocery run, and I am buying some more yogurt AND some Acidophilus to try and get my completely wrecked digestive system back to normal. I hope wherever you are, that the weather is as nice and the birds are making their sweet song.

Take good care of each other, and have a great week!

Love Jude


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