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Friday, June 26, 2009


Although it was unexpected, I really shouldn't be too surprised. I work at the Alberta Motor Association (CAA, or AAA in the U.S.) and we have, among other departments, a Travel Department. One of the young ladies in our Travel Department was sent home Monday after getting a call from her doctor's office that her test results from "not feeling good" tested positive for the H1N1 Virus, or Swine Flu.

So, we have all been exposed to it. And one of our other CAA offices here has a person who also tested positive for the same thing. All of our centers on Tuesday morning had huge deliveries of Viral Wipes and hand sanitizers and we're all constantly wiping down counters and keyboards. Our janitorial services are doing special deep cleaning daily.

The thing is, there are several people where I work who have been complaining of sore throats and the like for a week or more. What do we do? Do we all go to our doctors at the first sneeze and demand tests for H1N1? I had a luncheon date with a girlfriend yesterday but I cancelled it because she has young children. I have another luncheon date next week with another girlfriend but she has a toddler so I'm afraid to keep the date. When do I know if I'm safe? And AM I safe even if I don't have any symptoms? I understand that for the most part people who are getting this are having fairly mild flu symptoms and then it goes away. But still, I don't want to expose anything to children. At this point none of us are "scared", but it's a nuisance.

What a pain in my big pink arse!


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