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Saturday, June 20, 2009


Sunday is the first official day of Summer, and although I detest the heat and the bugs (especially *gasp*WASPS*gasp*) I do like the greenery and the flowers that are abundant everywhere. Especially in our gardens.

You may wonder why I've never shown you my "entire" back yard in all of my flower and garden posts. The reason is that about 4 years ago hubby tore out the very back of the yard (right up to the alley), installed a chain link gate, began a huge project of bricking in a parking pad for a one-ton flatbed work truck (nowhere to park it except where we park our other 2 vehicles ~ his and sister Pammie's), AND he started storing all of his crap back there. I've hated it! Our back yard used to look so nice.

Well this week he FINALLY started to work on bricking that parking pad again! Here's the proof of the ugliness:

You can see my fading lilacs on the left, and in the very back all the junk.

Hubby planted a few annuals to help fill in the areas that the perennials haven't taken up, and although it will be a few weeks yet before the gardens look fuller, it's still looking pretty good out there.

From a recent post you already know how much I adore lilacs, and that this year was the first year 2 of my 3 young lilac bushes flowered! The Wedgewood Blue lilac had flowers for a couple of weeks but now they are faded to an almost "pinkish-white" and are dying off.

However, out front my Dwarf Korean Lilac is sporting pretty little pink flowers and they smell gorgeous.

Out front, every year the "Snow In Summer" boasts their profusion of tiny white flowers everywhere we've planted them, and right now they are just beginning to fill out.

And along with the pink lilac bush, in this area of the garden the Iris is flowering beautifully and standing tall in purple. Beside that, the lilies are budding but not yet opened.

Hubby has laid out some edging material to help keep the water in the flower beds, and the weeds and grass out. It's a long process keeping a yard looking nice, and he works very hard at it. Me, I do the inside work and let him do the outside work (which he loves) as I don't "do" bugs and heat very well.

Speaking of temperatures, they are lower now and very comfortable in the low 70's. We still need rain VERY badly so I hope we get more than just the sprinkling tease we've had recently. Besides, free watering for my lawns and gardens saves me so much money on my utility bill! Hubby has a few rain barrels around and that helps some, but he's going to get a couple more yet.

Soon enough, this first day of Summer will turn into the first day of Autumn, which I will be more than ready for as it's my favourite season, and I always take my vacation then! However for now, I'm enjoying the lilacs and other summer blooms.

I hope you are all having a great weekend, and enjoying the first official days of Summer. Take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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