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Sunday, June 07, 2009


I am so pumped! One of the most beautiful flower scents in the world has to be Lilacs, and 2 years ago this month we bought 3 baby lilac bushes and planted them. Two of them are "Dwarf" lilacs and won't get overly large in our small gardens, and the other one is a regular size.

The regular one is "Wedgewood Blue" and it flowered for the first time this year!

Talk about smelling good too, I am over the moon to finally see flowers on it.

AND.... the little Dwarf one out front has "pink" lilac flowers, and for the first time this year it's sporting some dark pink little buds. (they flower a light pink) So it looks like that one will flower too!

The third one will have "white" lilac flowers, but so far no flowers. They are all healthy and full of foliage, so maybe next year we'll see some from that one.

As for all of our flowering trees (Cherry, MayDay, Pear and Plum) the flowers are pretty much gone now. Spring looks so pretty in our yard with all of them in a profusion of pretty petals!

Hubby got a bunch of annuals planted in our beds so over the next weeks they'll start to spread out and fill up the spaces. He's been out watering them, and the lawns, and at the price of utilities these days I wish we'd get a few days of steady, much needed rain!

Last weekend I did my annual fasting and blood tests. I've been given the ok to go ahead and re-fill my prescription for cholesterol meds. (Lipitor) It's certainly not a big deal, but I never look forward to the fasting part. I have some blood sugar issues so nothing but water for at least 12 hours is a bit of a stretch. By the time I give a couple vials of blood I'm feeling pretty woozy and hubby always runs me straight from the lab to a nearby McDonald's for a glass of fruit juice and an Egg McMuffin. Once I gobble that all down (especially the juice) I always feel better and the light-headedness takes a hike. The joys of getting older.

Thank you to everyone who have been showing my dear friend Janna support with her breast cancer fight, she is now going through radiation. Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery Sista J.!! ((((hugs))))

There is still another week or so left of voting for the "People" photo contest over at Stardom Awaits!, so if you would like to participate and haven't already cast yours, head on over to vote. Thanks!

I wish you all a terrific week and hope you are all safe and well. Take good care of each other out there, we're important to each other!

Love Jude


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