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Friday, July 24, 2009


It's been a week of this overly hot shite, and there is no end in sight as the long range forecast for the next two weeks is the same.

Can you say, "heat exhaustion"?

Thank God for the new window in my den, it is still 83*F in the house at night but I at least get any breeze and at the very least, some fresh air in this room now.

The ongoing renovation saga: the wall in my den is primed and ready for paint, but until we buy some paint and I have hubby help me by moving the heavy furniture in this room, that won't get done. Thing is, he's working on walls in another part of the house (back door hallway) where he also ripped out some drywall to insulate properly. That's taking him forever as he's been tired from the heat and from a day's work at his job, so the poor man just collapses in front of his TV for the evening most days. It's truly just too damn hot to do any physical work in here right now.

My vacation time starts (for 3 weeks!) 5 weeks from now, at the beginning of September, and by then the temps will have gone down to normal AND I'll be able to do more myself with lots of days of rest. Once this room is done I will post pics. It will all look so much better when it's all finished, and I can't wait!


The drought conditions we are in are taking its toll on our gardens a bit now. We've still got lots of lovely flowers but you can tell they aren't as profuse nor will they stay as nice for much longer if we don't get rain and less heat from the scorching of the sun. But for the moment it's still nice to look out the windows and see some colour.

The lily must be very hearty as they are still quite profuse in a few spots in the gardens and hopefully they won't fade too fast on us. Last night hubby came home from work wanting to get out and water the flower beds and trees but within a half hour he was so exhausted he went to bed very early instead.

He got smart and bought 6 rain barrels, and has 5 of them set up around the house and the garage. Actually there is a 6th. one too, and it's HUGE! Thank goodness he got them all set up just before we had our last (and rare) rain storm a week ago. They were all full the next morning. This will save us the water bill as utilities are so insanely high. But the lawns however, will have to suffer I'm afraid. Let's hope this heatwave lets up sooner than they are predicting. If we wanted this we'd all move to Phoenix for heaven's sake. LOL


I don't know if you noticed or not, but I have joined the world of Twitter and I have installed it on my sidebar near the top. At times when I can't sit here long enough to do an entire blog post I will at least be updating by being a "Twit". Hahahaha Sorry, couldn't resist! *snort*

I must go get my laundry together and try finishing it before the worst of the heat permeates the house today. I hope wherever you are you are staying cool and enjoying the week. Have a great weekend everyone, and take good care of each other.

Love Jude


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