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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Congrats to the winners, it was a TIE for first place! All the entries were great to look through, thank you to all the entrants and to all who participated in the voting.

At the end of July we'll have our next contest up, the theme will be "Weather". Stay tuned!


On another note, I've not been online as much (and won't be for a bit except sporadically) as we've just had some renovations at home. The balance of our windows and doors just got replaced with new ones and there turned out to be some "post reno" work needing to be done. For instance (and this is the pain in the arse one) here in my den where my computer is, a window was added to the room and hubby decided when he saw the wall opening that he needed to rip out MORE wall so he could insulate it better. This means that over the next several days we'll be working on new walls, taping and mudding, sanding and painting. So whenever I can, I will uncover my PC from drop cloths and get on here.

I had expected only to come home from work and see a new window in my very intact wall. For the moment, here is my den as it was just before (emptied out and ready) and another shot from tonight. BLEH.

This morning:

When I got home tonight:

Well there certainly can be worse things in my life, that is certain. Buck up Jude and don't complain!

..... you can always kill hubby later..... heh heh

Have a good week guys and take good care of each other. Sending love to Sista Janna!

Love Jude


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