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Friday, July 10, 2009


I've heard from Janna via email today and I've decided to post an update here as she's unable to be on the computer for more than a few minutes at a time at the moment.

She has started chemo (for anyone new reading this, she is fighting breast cancer and has already undergone radiation) and understandably it is making her extremely sick. She's now taking some meds for the vomiting and it's helping but the meds are leaving her weak and very lightheaded.

Also, to make matters worse for the poor girl she's got a horrid upper respiratory infection and can't stop coughing, which is helping to keep her even more weakened.

Whenever she can sit at her computer for a few minutes I know she'll be reading any comments but may not be able to sit there long enough to reply to any, or make any new posts. So if you would like to lend her your support and some good ol' fashioned love, please go to Janna's Blog and do your thing. I know all the support she can get will help boost her spirits and give her some warm fuzzies.

If I get any more updates I will post them here.

Janna darling you are so loved!

Thank you all, and take good care of each other...... which is what we're doing here.

Love Jude


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