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Friday, August 07, 2009


The temperatures have been hovering more around the normal mark for the last week or so, and it's been soooooo nice. We've even had a bit of rain, not enough but it's better than naught. It's been quite enjoyable compared to the horrid heat we had.

It's really too bad that Ma Nature can't spread out a bit of everything equally all over ~ with the flooding rains out east and the draught in Western Canada we could all use a bit of rain and a bit of sun. Ah well, 'tis what 'tis!

At least so far most of our plants and flowers are surviving the relatively dry summer, even throughout the heat we had. Hubby's 6 rain barrels around the house and garage have been a Godsend, because what little rain we've had has been captured for garden use.

We've had this kind of summer in the past but without the barrels, and had to watch a lot of our garden plantings go ta-tas up without enough water. I believe here in our city this year we must have been *this* close to having to save water by not watering lawns etc. It didn't happen, however if it had the lawns would have had to suffer but at least not our gardens.

While I was out with my camera the other day sister Pammie came out for a doggie bathroom run, and I was able to capture a few shots of "the girls". This is Misty, who is turning 12 yrs. old in 10 days. You'd never know it to look at her though. She will always look and act like a puppy, that one!

Misty is the one who is afraid of noises. Thunderstorms set her to quivering by her Mamma (sister Pammie) and even the infrequent "clicking" of the electronic air filter on the furnace drives her to trembling. We actually have to shut it off whenever we leave the house! We call her the "little buck-buck" (chicken) and at times I wish there were such a thing as doggie ear plugs. Poor baby, I wish we could make her understand that noises aren't going to hurt her.

And this is Lady ("Ladybugs" or "Bugs") and she is 17 yrs. old now. This little darling is losing some of her sight and hearing, and is getting pretty shaky on her legs at times. She has arrhythmia and is on heart medication for that, has been for a few years now. It's SO hard to hear/watch her go through those, she is unconscious but she cries pitifully. I wish we could make all of our beloved furry babies young and healthy and keep them that way!

Bugsy is the independant one (at least compared to Misty) and although she loves being by her mamma (sister Pammie) the only thing that makes her want to run away for cover was overzealous, loud and fast moving kids. Both of these doggies are used to soft female voices and gentle touches. I love these 2 so much!

I now have just about everything I need to finish fixing up my den. We got to a paint store and I picked out and purchased the colour I want to get on the walls in here. And last night hubby took me to look for the second chair I wanted for the room too. Whenever he or sister Pammie wander in for a visit while I'm in here, I have my rocker and they were always stuck sitting on my computer chair. I'll be rearranging where my desk and everything go in here, and will finally have the room for a second chair. I've also bought new curtains and rods, and can't wait to spiffy up the look. I begin my 3 week vacation at home in 3 weeks, so I'll most likely get the majority of the work in this room done then. However, I'd like to at least start some of the painting sooner. Most definitely I'll post before/after shots!

And if you haven't already, you can head on over to Stardom Awaits! and place your ONE vote for your favourite shot ~ this month's theme is "Weather". The voting is open for another week.

Have a great weekend everyone, and take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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