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Friday, September 18, 2009


Another year has gone by in Blogland, and that means that this week my little blog is 5 years old! On September 16, 2004 I made my first entry which was short and sweet, kinda like "I'm here, don't like the basic blogger template need to learn how to get my own." LOL That has changed a few times over 5 years too, this template I have now is my 4th. and favourite, something in a basic black which I added my own touches to with the header pic, colours, subtitles and such.

Also changed over the 5 years here are my bloglinks. At the moment the only people on my blogroll who were on my original one are Danni and Janna. Both have come and gone so this is their second shot at blogging. There are several others that showed up on my bloglinks shortly after, and have been with me ever since. Nancy, Xavier, Karen, Rhonda, Patty, Michael, Rich and Sandy. Not every one posts as often as before but they're still there!

Hell, I don't post as often as I used to either. It's not because of lack of interest or things to post, but more because I'm so much busier online than I was. And my blog has changed to more of a "photo" blog with some stories/news in it. It wasn't until a few years ago that my photography hobby became a huge part of my life when I got my first digital camera. One thing that has NOT changed over the years is how blogging brought me many great online friends. You guys all rock!

Now what would a 5 yr. old (blog) want for their birthday? I briefly thought of a new "dress", but I like this template and it suits me, so no that's not it! I'll have to think on it ~ maybe some cake and candles? (guess who gets to eat it?) Mua haha!

Love Jude


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