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Friday, March 19, 2010


You may recall last summer when I was taking a picture of the first "autumn" coloured leaf on our big MayDay tree out back, and spotted this gnarled dark thing on the branch beside the leaf. I found out that it was "Black Knot" disease and not fun to deal with.

This is the tree in flower later in spring, it is so pretty and the blossoms smell DELICIOUS! We would hate to lose this, that's for sure.

However reading up on how to rid our poor tree of Black Knot disease shows that it is quite the ordeal, and because the disease produces spores it's not easy. It is recommended that when you prune back the affected branches that they must be burned so as not to spread.

This is one of several knots I spotted and photographed this morning. The entire tree probably has a dozen or so knots on it in various places, that's scary.

It is also recommended that pruning this disease should be in early spring/late winter before any budding begins. That would be NOW, and hubby is aware that he needs to get out there soon.

So far, and without climbing up the tree myself to look closer, it doesn't appear that any of the larger, main branches have any on it. I hope not. If we have to cut back a bunch of smaller branches it won't be quite as bad esthetically and maybe won't have to lose as much of the tree as I fear.

However, if we can't get rid of it and it comes back even worse later on, we just might have to lose it regardless. What a shame that would be!

I hope hubby has the time to get at this soon, as it is perfect timing. We just lost most of our snow in warm sunny weather recently, and yesterday it turned colder and we got a "skiff" of snow. It's cold enough this morning that it's icey out there, so this would be perfect timing to get the job done.

My biggest worry is how he's going to get up there to do it. Obviously he can climb up on the garage roof to get at some of it, but the rest of it is not so easily accessible. I don't want him to fall and break his bones, but I can't see him paying a pruning company to come out and do it, either.

This was taken this morning, and you can almost make out several dark "spots" on the higher branches where the knots are showing up.

Wish us luck, I do hope we can save this beauty.

Love Jude


Blogger Janna said...

Oh gosh, Sista, what a shame! I hope hubby can save that beautiful tree too without too much of a hassle. Wishing you guys lots of good luck!


3:53 PM, March 19, 2010  
Blogger Jude said...

Thank you Sista J., we're keeping our fingers crossed. Hope your weekend rocks! xoxox

8:41 PM, March 19, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Luck! There is something that is so wrong about chopping down a tree. I'm not a tree hugger but it's just something that I don't like to see. It makes me sad.

On a brighter note yes Spring will be sprung soon enough! Now I just hope my allergies remain in control. :)

Take care.

9:18 PM, March 19, 2010  
Blogger Jude said...

I agree completely Jer, this beautiful tree is a living thing that gives us happiness, to cut it down unless it's dying would be a shame. And yes it won't be long now and I'll be bitching about summer's heat! LOL

Have a good weekend!

9:44 PM, March 19, 2010  
Blogger Bobbie said...

It's such a beautiful tree and I sure hope that pruning will save it. I sure hope your hubby is careful if he climbs on the roof.

Spring has sprung here and I love seeing all the new growth and the buds on the trees.

Hope you have a great weekend, Jude!

10:52 PM, March 19, 2010  
Blogger Jude said...

I hope he can (safely) save it too. Spring hits your area sooner than here, as you know, and I'm looking forward to the flowers! Thanks Bobbie, have a great weekend yourself!

10:58 PM, March 19, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure hope you can save the tree, Sister of Mine!! It truly is gorgeous. Tell Albert to take care not to fall while he's doing it. I really don't know how much it would cost to hire a pruning company. Best of wishes to you guys for saving the tree. I love you lots!!! xoxoxoxox
Linda Lou

8:56 AM, March 22, 2010  
Blogger Jude said...

I'm not sure he'd agree to paying someone to do it, but we'll see! Love ya Sis! xoxox

5:57 PM, March 22, 2010  
Blogger sydwynd said...

It would be a shame to lose such a nice tree. They take so long to get that size. Best of luck with it!

8:03 PM, March 22, 2010  
Blogger Jude said...

Thanks Vince, it took about 10 years or more to grow that size. Hopefully we'll keep it!

8:09 PM, March 22, 2010  
Anonymous Xavierism said...

Oh Dear...this is so sad. Such a beautiful tree... I hope you're able to save it.

Thanks for sharing. Much Love!

1:06 PM, March 26, 2010  
Blogger Jude said...

Thank you my friend, I know how much you love (and miss) all the green trees up here. Hopefully we'll be successful!

Love to you! xoxox

1:27 PM, March 26, 2010  

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