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Friday, August 12, 2011


Sorry I haven't been making too many posts here of late. I've been working extra days as we are short-staffed, and just WAITING for my vacation to begin on September 1st. Every year I take almost all of September off, it's my favourite time of year (autumn) and doesn't tend to get very hot. Besides, it's a pretty time of year if I get out somewhere with my camera. :-)

I'll be staying home as I always do, but keeping busy with friend get togethers, some little projects around the house and an outing or two with my sis Pammie and our cameras. I can't wait for all the sleeping in and rest!

Whatever wicked, evil cold that has been going around for the last few months (blogger buddy Bobbie had it too) got me twice in a couple of months. I'm just now starting to feel a bit better, but I'm sure being run-down doesn't help. My annual vacation always helps to perk me up. :-)

My age seems to be catching up with me too. So far all of my body parts are my own, but in a few weeks I have to get a tooth pulled that is near the front of my mouth (there would be an ugly gap when I smile) and I'll be getting some sort of appliance with a fake tooth on it. Bleh. I always tease my hubby whenever he's going out the door, "do you have all your body parts with you?" LOL He has a hearing aid, glasses and a bottom denture. It appears I am going to be joining the "body parts" club.

The tooth I'm going to be getting pulled is infected and there just isn't anything left to save. I've had to be on antibiotics to keep it under control until I am done work so I have the time to get it pulled and be off work when I have a gap in my smile, until I have the appliance made. I have NEVER been able to stay on antibiotics long enough to do much good, as my digestive system gets totally wrecked within about 4 days. So much so that I was once taken to emergency for it.... it's bad. At any rate, a friend of mine in the U.S. who works at a pharmacy told me to try a product called "Florastor". She has saved me!!!! I got it from my pharmacist and I don't have any more problems staying on antibiotics. Thank God!

I hope you are all doing well and having a good summer. Take good care of each other, we're all we have!

Love Jude


Blogger Jeremy Ryan said...

Thanks for catchin' up with us. I was wondering how you were doing!

Sorry to hear about your tooth. I know an infected tooth is no fun and the pain can be pretty bad. As for the replacement I'm sure it will look great and no one will be the wiser unless you point it out.

Work seems to be the name of the game. Bad for you but not for your bank account. That should help cheer you up, plus it's the weekend so I'm sure you will at least get a day's rest. September is around the corner. I'm not looking forward to it but I can understand why you are!

Try to get some rest, stay cool and keep the fluids going. I hope that your able to enjoy all of your time off and wipe every task from your bucket list.

All my best - J

8:10 PM, August 13, 2011  
Blogger Jude said...

Thanks Jer, yep you know all about dental problems I know!

I only have 2 more weeks and I'll be on my LAST work week. Can't wait!

Take care and stay cool! xox

8:59 AM, August 14, 2011  
Blogger sydwynd said...

As long as you can run faster than your "age" trying to catch you from behind, you'll stay young.

If the only "alternative" body part you have is a tooth, you're in very good shape. Another way to look at it is that your husband still has WAY more additional parts that you do.

8:43 AM, August 15, 2011  
Blogger Jude said...

Aww Rocker Guy you always make me feel so good! Hahaha!

6:04 PM, August 15, 2011  
Anonymous Xavierism said...

Jude! Okay, you made me laugh. You're so silly. Hope Vacation rolls around quickly for you. I'm certain it's gonna drag until then...it always does!

Take care & wish you Love & joy!


4:19 PM, August 17, 2011  
Blogger Jude said...

Any time I can make you laugh is a good time Xavier! Hahaha! You're right, the time until vacation always drags its butt, then the time ON vacation just flies by!

Sending you much love dear friend. xoxoxox

6:53 AM, August 18, 2011  

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