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Friday, September 02, 2011


Yesterday was the first day of my 3 week vacation, something I look forward to in September all year long. As always I'm not travelling anywhere, but enjoying time at home catching up on rest and sleep, having some get-togethers with friends, going on a couple of photo shoots, and getting some small projects done around the house. I love it! Wish I could retire and be on a permanent vacation.

The only bummer is that I had to have a tooth pulled that is very close to the front of my mouth on Wednesday, and have to get a partial plate. My first fake body part! Sucks!

In a week I go back to the dentist to have a mold taken, then it's about 2 weeks before I get the partial. Hopefully all before I go back to work.

Tomorrow sister Pammie and my friend from work Shilo are going on a photo shoot to Fort Edmonton Park or "Fart Edmonton Pork" as I call it, heh heh. Shilo and Pammie are both entrants on our 'Stardom Awaits!' contest blog and we all enjoy getting out with our cameras. In addition to the huge old Fort itself, the park has 3 streets which all have homes and businesses to browse through, 1885 Street, 1905 Street, and 1920 Street. I LOVE going through old homes! The weather is supposed to be perfect for this outing (a lot of walking) around 70F and sunny.

Thank God the hot weather we're supposed to get doesn't happen until a couple of days later!

Fort Edmonton Park sits right on our city's river, with some gorgeous scenery all around it. Pammie and I were there 3 years ago with our cameras but we look forward to heading back again tomorrow.

I've been thoroughly enjoying my new android phone, it's a Samsung Galaxy and has more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at. I love that I can text normally, or text using their "Swype" feature, or actually "draw" the letters on the screen. And I can access Facebook, blogs etc. from my comfy chair instead of having to sit at my desktop. Love it!

In both Canada and the U.S. this is our Labour Day weekend and I hope everyone has good weather to get out and enjoy it. Have fun!

Love Jude


Blogger Bobbie said...

Enjoy your vacation time, Jude! Looks like you'll be getting some really nice weather. I enjoyed seeing your photos from the last visit to Fort Edmonton.
Take care and have a great weekend.

11:51 AM, September 02, 2011  
Blogger Jude said...

Ah you remember those?? That was SO much fun! Thanks Bobbie, hopefully the hot weather will take a hike after this coming week. Enjoy your long weekend!

12:00 PM, September 02, 2011  
Blogger sydwynd said...

Enjoy your vacation! Ellen likes her smartphone for the same reason as you - no need to get the laptop out!

2:10 PM, September 02, 2011  
Blogger Jude said...

Thanks Vince! Yes I know just what Ellen means. Have a great long weekend, I trust you'll be getting some bike riding time in!

2:15 PM, September 02, 2011  
Blogger Jeremy Ryan said...

Woo Hoo Vacation Time! Glad you made it. Good luck on having your tooth pulled. I think you will be okay. I hope the timing works out for you.

Congrats on the phone. I've heard good things about the Galaxy. Android appears to be catching on like wild fire. I hope you have lots of fun with it and use all of those bells and whistles!

Enjoy your time off and take it easy.

7:48 PM, September 02, 2011  
Blogger Jude said...

Thanks my friend, I intend to take full advantage of these 3 weeks off to get some rest AND have some fun! :-)

Got my tooth pulled 2 days ago now and it's slowly healing, and being near the front of my mouth it makes eating somewhat tricky but I'm not starving, LOL It won't be for a couple more weeks that I get my partial. It had better be before I go back to work though.

Enjoy the Labour Day Weekend Jer. xox

10:45 PM, September 02, 2011  

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