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Friday, June 09, 2006


Thanks to my sister Pammie, I finally got looking further into the manual that came with my digital camera and found that yes, I too have the "macro" feature. This means that any of the close-up shots I've posted here in the past that were blurry, needn't have been.

Keep in mind that people like Rhonda and my sister Pammie are extra talented with a camera in their hands. Me, not so much. I've used cameras all my life and have always been the one in the couple who isn't normally in the pictures because I'm the one taking them. However that doesn't an expert photographer make. Some people just have a talent for it.

So, I'm learning bits here and there. Like the fact that with "Macro" I can have pictures that aren't blurry when they are close-ups. Go figure, eh wot? Told ya I wasn't an expert, far from it. Today I decided to open said manual and figure this out. Well, D'UH all it takes is pushing one button and it's in macro mode. And so why didn't I know this before?? Thanks Pammie. *muah*

I went around the house looking for things to try this out on. Boring maybe to you, but hey it was a revelation for me! So here's a few of them...... but let's play a little game with a couple of them. Can you guess what these are? (Pammie you don't get to play cuz you know all of these, I'm sure.)





Now as you can no doubt see, I've still got some more 'larnin' to do with this feature, as a few of them are still a tad blurry. I'll figure it out. I'll just keep using you guys as my guinea pigs. Heh heh.

A few other odds and ends:

The book I just finished, and left on your computer chair for you Pammie. Man this is a good freakin' book!

The gorgeous little Lucky Bamboo my best friend Michele gave me for my birthday.

Our mom's urn. It's beautiful.

My name in Japanese. Sister Brenda had each of ours done for Christmas gift. Nice huh?

I love this little picture of the "Angel Cloud".

A plant in my kitchen window.

And this is what happens when you take loads of pictures and then decide to do a short video at the end of it, not paying attention and noticing that the batteries are about to run out. The video shut down just as I was about to say, "see ya!"


I wish you all an excellent weekend, take good care of each other! And Bob, have a safe trip!

Love Jude


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