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Friday, August 18, 2006


Since the first Def Leppard concert I attended 10 years ago almost to the date (the Slang tour) I've tried to get myself a T-shirt for each one, but not always sucessfully. Thankfully though, I did get a Slang T-shirt.

At the Euphoria tour concert, it was not assigned seating BUT we got in so early and there was NO LINEUP at the T-shirt table yet, but I forgot I needed cash and only had my debit card! Damn was I mad at myself!

Then for the "X" tour, again it wasn't assigned seating (ugh) and although I came prepared with cash, the lineups were so long that I had to forgo the shirt or get a crappy seat.

The last time (Rock Of Ages Tour) I was able to stand in the huge lineup to wait, as it was assigned seating. I not only got a T-Shirt but also a cap.

"Slang" Tour.

I love the pic on the front....

....and the angel-like wings on the back.

"Rock Of Ages" Tour

Ball cap too.

That's Edmonton, fifth from last on the right!

And lookie what I got in the mail finally, a couple days ago:

Nothing on the back though, it's blank. Maybe it should have said something like this:

Bad news is..... these Fan shirts shrink a LOT. I wanted to be so careful so I followed the washing instructions to a letter.... and the shirt shrunk lengthwise by about 3 inches! Crap. Now it looks huge widthwise and short lengthwise. *sob*

Anyhoo I'm getting off the computer now, as there is a BEAUTIFUL thunder and lightning storm outside! I even tried to get some pictures of the lightning but I'm just not fast enough pressing the button, dammit.

Have a great weekend all, and take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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