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Sunday, January 14, 2007


Another weekend done and gone. How come 2 weekend days go by just as fast as a blink of an eye? What's up wid dat?

It was another gorgeously pretty and sunny winter day today. Blue, BLUE sky and sunshine beating down on us. It is still c.o.l.d. though, but the temperature is going to warm up to 30F tomorrow. *grins* It'll be downright balmy!

As the sun lowered in the sky late this afternoon I was pondering what to make for dinner with some of the groceries I had bought today.

And I thought, Chili! So I made a batch:

With some big-ass fresh bakery croissants, mmmmm.

And even though I don't make my chili spicy, or at least not spicy to ME as I can't stand it, it still has enough chili powder in it to necessitate a very tall cold glass of this:

You know, to put out that "mild" fire in my mouth.

Well now I have to go clean up my kitchen and settle in for the night out here in the west of Canada, while Lexy has an orgasmic experience watching her fav show tonight out in the east of Canada. Hee Hee

It's a pretty sunset kinda night, too!

Yup, most of that snowdrift is still hanging off the roof! Goodnight all, I hope you're having a chillin' evening too. Have a great week and don't forget to take good care of each other.....

Love Jude


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