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Sunday, May 20, 2007


As most of Trucker Bob's blog friends probably already know, he's stopped somewhere long enough to make a few posts over at In The Drivers Seat. His stories are over there, and here is a wee map showing his excursion so far:

Yes it snowed where he is in northern B.C., but it's gone now and the sun is out. In another couple of days he's saddling up Big Bear again and is off again. Tally Ho, Bob!



And further to my recent posts here, the flowering bushes and trees we have in our front and back yards are still making headway. The MayDay tree and Flowering Plum out back are pretty much almost at their peak now. But the stuff out front is just beginning.

The 2 new Flowering Plum bushes out front:

As you can see, they have the same pretty pink buds as the big one out back does.

And our garden variety Sumac is just beginning to show it's awesome coloured leaves unfurling.

The last of the trees in our yards to get leaves, the 2 Russian Olives are beginning to show their new icey-gray-green leaves sprouting! Complete with a little spidey web:

We have 2 different Cherry Trees out front, this 5 yr. old one has gorgeous scented white flowers in spring, and green leaves year round. The new one is a maroon coloured leafed tree but so far doesn't flower except for a tiny little green thingy. This is the older one here:

And this is the new one, it's leaves will turn a burgundy or maroon colour again this year. Here you can see the little green "pods" I was talking about, on the bottom right. I loved the way the sun is caught in the right of the picture too:

And out back, our beautiful flowering MayDay tree. It is so pretty, and smells so heavenly when in bloom like this:

It's tentacles branch out up against the side wall of the garage, and tangle themselves around the light fixture. I love the way this looks:

And standing underneath the beautiful flowers looking up:

And back out front, in one little patch of garden up against the house, there are many textures and different shades of green already showing in the ground cover plants hubby put there last year.

This one is my favourite:

Still a bit of filling out to do on this one yet:

This one still has pockets of water left over from the rains:

If I'd known I would catch a little wasp or bee in this one I would have run away instead of shooting it:


My job from hell work days have officially ended as the lady who was away for 5 or 6 weeks on a cruise to Australia is back to work next week. So we have one more body to fill some shifts now, and once the girl who is away getting married is back the following week, it'll be even better. Next week at least, I've been given a reprieve and I'm only working the usual days with 4 off.

AND...... in Canada this happens to be our Victoria Day long weekend, so Monday is a holiday! Couldn't have come at a better time, I'm so exhausted I've actually been feeling ill. However a nap today and some days off after Tuesday should help that.

This past Thursday the 17th. was my hubby's and my 10th. Wedding Anniversary. We went out Saturday night after I got off work for dinner. We hadn't tried the Outback Steakhouse so we decided to go there, and I had the Filet Mignon. YUM! The food was great but too expensive, and the restaurant itself was so noisy we could hardly hear ourselves talk. And the booth we were in sucked, the seats which were padded had NO padding, and the light fixture was hanging at a level that the bare bulb was right in my eyes, enough so that hubby was joking he'd tie it up and point it toward the wall and out of of faces. But all in all it was an enjoyable feed, as I said the steaks were excellent.

I'm off and running and wishing you all a fabulous weekend. Take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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