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Sunday, June 03, 2007


If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I even changed the damn post title, LOL.

Trying for the last time to post these Spring pics ("Chlorophyll Explosion") and hoping they'll not turn into little red X's from hell. And in good time too, seeing as Summer is only a couple of weeks away, sheesh!

Okay here goes!

The Big Metamorphosis took place here over the last while, and I have documented it all with pictures. (it's just taken me forever to get it posted as blogger is hiccuping so badly of late)

Let's begin in the backyard. You've probably already seen the changes in the Flowering Plum back there. We have 2 new little ones we planted last year out front too, but this one's been here for years.

And the big MayDay tree out back has really made it's spring come-back, the flowers smell so divine.

The flowers on this tree are delicate but pretty:

And I really like the way this tree has tendrils that snake along the garage wall, and twine around the light fixture:

One more perspective of the spring change in this tree:

Now let's head out to the front yard!

The 2 Cherry trees we have, the new one on the left has leaves that turn burgundy. The one just past it to the right is the older one which has green leaves and gorgeous scented white flowers.

On their own, here is the (soon to be) burgundy leaf Cherry:

The leaves on this one are so delicate, they are almost hard to spot:

Now the green leafed Cherry. OMG does this one have pretty flowers!

The flowers on that tree are so damn beautiful that I took whackloads of shots of it, but here's only one more:

Even our big ol' Blue Spruce out front is exploding, with new stuff!

Well that should (fingers crossed) do it! The last time I tried this post (for I think the 3rd. time?) I didn't just paste my "saved" post which didn't work the first couple of times, I actually loaded in the pics separately again. However....... thanks to Orion I got to thinking that maybe I should RENAME every single picture this time, so I took the time to do that this morning and voila hopefully that fixed the image linking issue.

I swear, if these turn into little red X's or make my posts disappear again, you shall never ever see these flower images again. LOL

And that concludes this post folks. Hope you're having a good weekend, take care of each other and everyone send Orion cyber hugs all at once!! (thanks O, you're the best)

Love Jude


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