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Monday, June 25, 2007


All things red this post, or versions of red.

I'm "seeing red" because I have to go back to work today, after a week off at home. I tell you, I sure wouldn't have ANY problems staying home for a living. Especially after only getting 2 hours sleep last night. *sigh*

This firey red stands out in the garden:

Okay this is "sorta" red, it's a pinkish red brick. These are all the bricks from our old sidewalk; hubby has them stacked up on the back driveway:

One of our side gate locks is broken, and this is there to help hold the gate open when we need to do so:

Yeah I know, this is more pink than red, but isn't pink in the same family?

Our Schubert Cherry tree's leaves are almost all burgundy-red now:


At any rate, I've been working on a special project which I will have finished in the next few days to post. I bought this a week ago, it may give you a hint.

I hope I survive the day to completion at work, I'm so tired. And of course NOW I could sleep till the cows come home. *rolls eyes* And I hope you all have a great week. Take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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