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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Off we went this morning, hubby and I both on vacation days off now, to the Millcreek Nursery.

First up, a video. You can see it HERE.

1. Awaiting planting.


It is now 11 p.m. and it's dark out. Hubby is still out there planting. *sigh* (sorry Pammie)

I must say that what he's done so far looks really nice. He asked me to come out earlier and help decide where to place things. We've still got a lot of bare spots to fill in, which we'll do with some less expensive items from other stores that we'll hit soon.

But this stuff was worth the bigger bucks:

3. Lillies.


He rented a tiller today and got the gardens ready. Boy that would be a lot of hard toiling by hand like people used to have to do before gas powered garden tools came about!


And I finally got some lilacs! Yay! The last time I ever had a lilac where I lived was waaaaay back when I was a kid living on the base in Ottawa. I was 13 when we moved from there out here to Alberta. There was a huge mauve lilac bush right under my bedroom window and it smelled so good in bed at night in the spring/early summer.

6. Pink

7. Purple

8. Blush White

The existing plants are filling out even more since the last pics I posted here. Not having flower gardens before, last year when we bought this stuff we were only guessing at what would be hardy and what would die after the winter. A few of the perennials didn't come back at all but a lot of what we got made it and is doing well.

9. View to the street.

10. More existing stuff.

In the next few days I'll get some pictures of the finished beds out there! Tomorrow is laundry day but my washer broke again. Sister Pammie and I may be heading to a laundromat tomorrow evening. *double sigh* This will be the 3rd. time a repairman will be coming out to try and fix this problem. I'll call them in the morning and hopefully they can get out here in a couple or few days. Wish us luck!

Have a good night all! Take care of each other and I'll catch you soon.

Love Jude


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