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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Wow, I've been looking at tons of links for this bird, and so far I've learned that there are at least a few varitations of its song, which could account for Orion and Tracey not finding it sounds exactly the same....

So here's another video I took just now, this time it's a bit closer (so louder than last time) and by the time I got the camera rolling you can hear it is JUST finishing it's usual long call, and then you can hear it switched to a shorter call! Interesting!

And another:

Now, here's a couple more links I found this morning where you can compare the sound:

After you click on this link, click on "Play Song".

And another, here it actually changes on the second call! (click on "Listen") Two Calls

In reading up on the White Throated Sparrow, everything about it's habitat points to both Ontario and the part of Alberta where I am. But please indulge me, if any of you can find another bird song that sounds like this but is a different bird please tell me what you found? I can look up the song for that bird. I'd love to know for sure what this bird is! LOL!

****Oh and until Haloscan fixes its "glitch" I guess all of us who use it will be replying to your comments differently.****

Love Jude


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