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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


First, some good news for those of you who might remember Terry (Tal) from a couple (or few?) years ago, TERRI is back and has a blog again! She shut down her blog a long time ago and I've missed her so much I've been bugging her to start another one. Welcome back Terri!


Everything in our garden is coming up roses, hubby has been weeding, feeding and watering, and it's pretty out there.

Well okay not everything is roses; take for example my lavender which is blooming nicely. This year these 2 lavenders were transplanted from another part of the garden where they were new last year, and they're doing quite well. They're a lot bigger now!

Lavender is one of my favourite scents, as a matter of fact I use a lot of it in my soaps and sprays. (and yes I still make the bath products if anyone is interested just let me know and I'll email you a product order sheet)

Back to the roses, we have 5 "mini" rose bushes, and they are now blooming like crazy. There are a lot of plant varieties like these and our 3 lilac bushes that we deliberately chose dwarf varieties of so that we could have them in our gardens but not take up a lot of space as we're short on room.

Red is probably my least favourite colour for roses, but they're so popular and we did want some red in our garden too. These and the pink ones above are the most profuse at blooming though.

And we had no idea they would be so hardy! I thought roses took a lot of "fussing" but when winter is on it's way hubby just cuts the bushes right back, and the next summer look at what they do. Amazing.

My absolute favourite of the roses we have is this baby. It reminds me of the colour of fire:


From garden to a sisters' day out! Last Friday 2 of my sisters and myself went out garage sale hunting later in the day. From my house in the west end of the city we headed to a new subdivision southwest of us. (Often times the newer and more expensive homes have the best "stuff" in their garage sales.)

As we were driving around out there getting plenty lost (and then finding ourselves again, hah!) we had lots of laughs and bought a few things each. Here you can see at one point we stopped when I spotted the city center miles away, a field separating the newer subdivision we were in from the rest of the city.

The weather was fabulous and we enjoyed the beautiful combination of sun and rain. One minute it was sunny and warm, and the next black clouds would move in for 5 minutes and rain would fall. I loved it!

We'd be driving in sunshine and ahead of us would be black skies and rain. At one point I saw this gorgeous rainbow. How sweet is that, a rainbow over the Bubbles carwash!

It was a fun day, and something I'm glad we got to do.


If you missed my previous post, we have a winner for the June Photo Contest over at "Stardom Awaits!", congrats to Kim! In a couple of weeks I'll be sending you back over to vote for your favourite "Skies Theme" contest, so stay tuned!

I hope you're all having a good week, take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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