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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Christmas Eve was spent out at sister Brenda's (and brother-in-law Rory) with almost the whole family ~ the only one missing was our older sister Linda who comes every year on Boxing Day (Dec.26th) for a couple of weeks.

As Brenda is recuperating from surgery we made her sit and relax while Rory got Christmas dinner cooked. Sister Pammie and I helped him finish up (once we got there) and to get it all on the table. It was a great turkey dinner right down to the last munch! Brenda had done all of her annual Christmas baking in November (before surgery) and froze it all so that it would be there for Christmas dinner. So we had all the usual sugar cookies etc. and my favourite ~ shortbread cookies. YUM!

As the turkey came out of the oven and Rory carved it up, the kitchen windows were steamy looking out onto the back deck which was all aglow with Christmas lights.

One of the things about Christmas I love so much is the "visual" delight of all the splarklies and pretty lights. Although my hubby likes the holiday he isn't "into" putting up outside lights so we enjoy all the ones in the neighbourhood. I put my tree in the living room window so that at least there is something colourful for our neighbours to see when they go by!

There is nothing prettier or more beguiling than going for an evening walk around the neighbourhood at this time of year. If the weather is applicable, that is. It was a little cold Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but it has warmed up since so that it is comfortable to walk around for awhile out there.

Brenda is doing SO much better since her mastectomy. And we had terrific news a couple of days before Christmas ~~ she got her pathology results back and there was no spreading; her lymph nodes were free and she was pronounced cancer free!! Talk about lots to celebrate this Christmas!

She's tired and sore and has some draining issues but she's in great spirits. Look at that smile, what a strong lady!

She had her drains out not quite 2 weeks ago but she's going back to the hospital a couple times a week to have the site drained as there is still a lot of bad fluid build up. Once that stops things will start to get a lot more comfortable for her, thankfully.

You may remember that in my house we just went through a furnace and hot water tank replacement which caused all kinds of "upset" as far as Christmas in here. As we had to have all of the stuff stored in the basement brought upstairs, it was all in my living room and dining room so I had not even one square inch up here to put up my Christmas tree. That bummed me out something fierce as it's my favourite time of year and annually I look forward to putting up my tree. :-(

However..... just before Christmas I went through some of the things being stored in my living room and found my little one-foot tree I sometimes put in my den, and a small string of lights. As I still had no living room to sit in, I took the little tree downstairs and VOILA! we had a Christmas tree for Christmas day!

So Christmas morning we sat downstairs at sister Pammie's house and opened presents, had Christmas breakfast and enjoyed coffee.

Pammie and I did our own Christmas dinner with turkey and all the trimmings for her, my hubby and myself. Hey, we have to have turkey leftovers too, right??!

And at least I got a tree of some sort! :-)

All in all it was a quiet but lovely time for us all. We'll be heading back out to Brenda and Rory's (they have the bigger house) out in the country for more visits while sister Linda is here. And Linda's birthday is December 30th. so we'll have a birthday bash for her coming up too. I talked to her on the phone last night and she's requested chocolate cake, so that's what I'll be making to take out. Brenda is having home-made perogies and cabbage rolls with creamed onions. *drooooool!!* Turkey dinner is my second favourite meal in the world, and Ukrainian food is my first. So how happy is MY tummy at this time of year!

I hope you all had a warm, safe and happy holiday season wherever you are. Most likely most of us are hoping for a less stressful New Year, but at least we've taken 2008 out with some good food and great company.

God bless you all, take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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