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Thursday, November 25, 2010


These past couple of days I've been especially "homesick" for the good ol' days, and mostly for the late 60's and early 70's when it was all about Peace, and Loving Your Brother And Sister.

Really, that's all about me.

Whenever I see the peace sign it makes me smile, and it makes me proud to have been so "into" that back then, in my heart of hearts. I'm even considering getting a tattoo, which I've never really thought of until recently.

It would be some sort of stylized peace symbol, a small one perhaps on my inner wrist.

Those days of my heart are long past, yes, but only in time, not inside me. To this day, although I support our troops because the world IS the way it is, I still long for world peace.

The mind-set back then, the FEELINGS back then are so terribly hard to describe. It was so strong in us, the young generation. None of us ever said "hi" and waved. Or said "goodbye" and waved. We all said "hi" or "goodbye" and flashed the "V" peace sign with our fingers. Although I rarely use it now (well I did in our Christmas group picture at work last year!) I still automatically think of it sometimes.

We weren't all about free love, drugs and rock'n roll. Some were, especially rock bands. Most of us were in monogomous relationships, and most of us "sampled" marijuana or hash, and then left it alone. But yes, most of us were heavily into the rock music of the times, and frankly there hasn't been a whole lot of rock music that compares (some, yes) since. The very first mention of "heavy metal" came in a Steppenwolf song, one of my favourite bands then.

But it wasn't just "rock", the peace/protest/brotherly love songs back then were a huge part of our mindset as well. I've included some below if you'd care to have a listen and see/feel what we were all about. There may be a couple of you (Bobbie, Janna) who will know just what I'm talking about. :-)

Get Together

San Francisco

Give Peace A Chance

Lean On Me


And of course there WERE the songs that began heavier rock and these were just a teeny sampling of some of my favourites:

Magic Carpet Ride

Wow, the lead singer even resembles the man I was married to then!
Born To Be Wild

Sunshine Of Your Love

Whole Lotta Love

DAMN I'd love to go back to those times! I'm actually quite sad right now just thinking about it, and wishing I could re-live it all again. Ahhh, those really were the good old days.

And weren't we so freakin' cool! LOL

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my buddies to the south!

Love Jude


Anonymous Vickytoria said...

you look breath taking in those pics especially in the close up! and you look exactly the same!!

1:35 PM, November 25, 2010  
Blogger Jude said...

OMG well you are my "new best friend"! hahaha Thanks but this face and bod are 40 years older now. Hope you enjoyed some of the music! Love you xoxox

2:18 PM, November 25, 2010  
Blogger sydwynd said...

You're such a hippy! I love that about you. That's all still very good music. I still love Jimi Hendrick's "Foxy Lady".

I recall my days as a "youth", though it was a very different time. Some of it was good, some bad. However, today ain't so bad either, both socially and musically.

Keep rocking on and stay you. Peace lady!

6:35 PM, November 25, 2010  
Blogger Jude said...

There is still some good rockin' nowadays too, hey you do some of that yourself! :-)

I agree, life isn't all bad or anything now. It was the mindset back then that was so darn different, in general. Mankind will never be perfect. I just wish we had managed to get closer to world peace by now.

6:54 PM, November 25, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are some good tunes! It's nice to think of times gone by, but then it's snap back into reality. We all have those good old days and I believe we all wish we could have them back.

Tomorrow's Friday - that's got to put some zip in your step or so I hope.

Take care & God Bless.

10:27 PM, November 25, 2010  
Blogger Jude said...

When I listen to these songs it takes me right back there. :-)

Thanks Jer, and I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving! xox

10:35 PM, November 25, 2010  
Blogger Bobbie said...

The '60's and '70's were good years, weren't they! :) Those are great photos of you! And I love your choice of music. Vancouver was a haven for hippies in the '60's. I remember attending a Be-in in Stanley Park.

Take care, and sending you a daisy for your hair!

8:58 PM, November 27, 2010  
Blogger Jude said...

I'd have loved to have attended the be-in, but I was in Alberta at the time! Yes they were groovy years, that's for sure. I knew you'd remember them well Bobbie. :-) Thanks for the daisy too, that's what I wore in my hair for my first wedding in 1972!


9:06 PM, November 27, 2010  
Blogger Richard Crookes said...

Great pics Jude - yes some good memories of old times - we've still got to work at making our future memories though

2:19 AM, November 29, 2010  
Blogger Jude said...

Very true Richard, since those years there have been so many, and more to make yet!

4:56 AM, November 29, 2010  

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