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Monday, January 10, 2011

THE AFTERMATH.....for now

Somewhere under all that snow (which is taller than I am!) there is a backyard.

It finally stopped snowing last night, and it is lovely to see the sunshine! But in a couple of days it is supposed to start snowing again. Although I love winter I'm glad that we don't get dumped on this badly very often. It's tough on people who drive, and on those that have to shovel out from under the stuff.

Sister Pammie and my hubby both park on the driveway out back in winter so that they can plug their vehicles in when it's cold. He was running out of places to pile up the snow (like everyone else is) so he just made 2 "spots" that their vehicles would fit into.

Up and down the back alley:

Hubby has the heat on low in the garage that needs a new roof, which has resulted in this. He's already hit the biggest icicles off with his shovel:

Out front, their IS a yard with pretty flower gardens in summer, under all of this:

Looks like a bunny was visiting this morning....

Okay you ready for this? Comparison shots:

Our nasty street.... the city has the snowplows out working day and night, but the side streets in residential areas are the last to get done.

I don't think hubby is going to be able to throw the snow much higher...

Okay my fingers are freezing, I'm heading back inside!

Stay warm and safe where you are!

Love Jude


Blogger Tracey said...

Thats just too darn much of the nasty white stuff!!!!!

I'd be burying myself inside my warm blankets, with a roaring fire and not step toe outside again until spring!

2:32 PM, January 10, 2011  
Blogger Jude said...

Hahaha I knew this would get a rise out of you Tracers! LOL

Yes it is too much of it, thankfully it doesn't happen often. Spring is coming soon!
Love you!

2:40 PM, January 10, 2011  
Blogger Melanie said...

Wow that's a lot of snow. We are finally getting some, but I hope it's not a lot.

4:08 PM, January 10, 2011  
Blogger Jude said...

I hope you don't get too much Melly!

4:13 PM, January 10, 2011  
Blogger Kate said...

Good grief. That's one hellova lot of snow! My sympathies!

4:27 PM, January 10, 2011  
Blogger Jeremy Ryan said...

Now that is some snow. I haven't seen that much since I was a little kid and that was a long time ago! Wow, I suppose you have probably had bigger snow falls.

Your poor husband, he must be worn out. Got to becareful shoveling all of that white powder. Everything in moderation.

I hope all is warm & well!

7:59 PM, January 10, 2011  
Blogger Jude said...

Apparently CTV news said Edmonton hasn't had a "dump" like this for 20 years..... and I remember 1993 or 1994 was bad. That was the year my late hubby bought a snow blower, LOL

5:46 AM, January 11, 2011  
OpenID Xavierism said...

Bon tardi, Jude!

Wow...your pictures are simply beautiful...chilly but beautiful! I don't see how you're able to deal with all that snow. I do love the fact you get to wear Winter clothes!

Thanks for sharing those pics with us. Stay warm!


12:25 PM, January 11, 2011  
Blogger Bobbie said...

Wow! You really got a lot!! Awesome pictures though! We had a small amount last night and are supposed to get about 10cm. tonight, then rain.
Stay warm and safe!! :)

12:56 PM, January 11, 2011  
Blogger Jude said...

Thanks Xavier and Bobbie.... it's hard though to "capture" what it really looks and feels like in pictures. When I'm standing beside a snowbank that is higher than I am, it FEELS like a lot of snow! LOL

7:09 PM, January 11, 2011  

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