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Sunday, June 03, 2012


Several days ago I decided to bring inside some of my lilacs that are in bloom in my backyard. I figure why not enjoy that GORGEOUS scent in my house too?

A vaseful sitting in my den makes for a happy nose indeed, while on my computer or watching TV, and the scent lasts for a few days until the flowers start to shrivel and die.

I'm one of those who absolutely hates insects in my house, so when I bring these in I lay them in a sink full of room temperature water to "soak" out anything that may be lurking in those thousands of little flowers. Then I simply place them in a vase full of water and let them drip-dry.

I live in an older neighbourhood where our houses are 44 years old, so there are a lot of mature trees and shrubs. People tend to plant their lilacs in their backyards as that's where most people enjoy being outdoors around their homes. Walking down my back alley is a delight to the eyes and the nostrils at this time of year, as so many people in my neighbourhood have big, beautiful lilac bushes.

Mine is still fairly young and small and barely taller than the fence, but the neighbours next to me and across the back both have wonderfully large lilac bushes that I can enjoy from my kitchen window.

Mine needs some pruning for the first time, so after the flowers fade I need to get out there and do a bit of trimming back to keep a nice shape and bring more flowers next spring.

Nothing lasts forever, and the lilacs I brought indoors several days ago are now gone. So last night I went out at dusk and cut some more to bring inside.

Two vasefuls this time, and my kitchen smells sooooooo good!

When we bought this bush about 4 years ago, we also bought 2 "dwarf" lilacs, one with pale pink teeny flowers that blooms every year in my front garden, and another with dark purple small flowers that has yet to bloom. It's in the same little garden area out back as the one in these pictures. I hope it blooms next year for the first time. I've been told they can be 3 - 5 years before they do.

All the flowering trees we have - cherry, plum and pear, have now lost their blossoms as of a couple days ago. Right now the lilacs have center stage around here, and I'm happy enough to smell them while they last.

Have a great week everyone!

Love Jude


Blogger Orion said...

Very beautiful.

I'm trying to catch up on several years worth of un-done yardwork m'self.

One step at a time.


11:35 AM, June 03, 2012  
Blogger Jude said...

Good luck Jeff, it's good "therapy" for some people to get their hands in the dirt. :-)

11:56 AM, June 03, 2012  
Blogger Jeremy Ryan said...

Flowers are great and so are your photos. The smell is nice but I have to take it in moderation otherwise my allergies go crazy. Hope that you enjoy them!

4:57 PM, June 03, 2012  
Blogger Jude said...

Thanks Jer, I'm loving the scent!

5:20 PM, June 03, 2012  

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