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Monday, September 04, 2006



.....and for the rest of us, too. A lot of bloggers have been posting about this so I won't elaborate as most of you know about it already. I just wanted to acknowledge the passing of Steve Irwin, 'Crocodile Hunter' He died doing what he loved...

It is WAAAY to effing hot here. The sun is unrelenting and the temps are going to hit around 80 or more again today and tomorrow.

Before it gets too sweltering, hubby is outside this morning cutting the lawns, and the flowerbeds are getting a good soaking.

The ground around the stone wall that hubby seeded with grass is finally starting to show some life. You can just start to see the little green blades poking about the soil now.

When I went around back, I saw where hubby had just finished cutting the lawn, and sister Pammie was just coming out for a doggie potty run. Of course Misty being completely in love with her uncle, the first thing she does is run to him for some good ol' tummy scratches and to give a gazillion kisses.

Today he is starting to dig along the right hand side of "the runway", where he will be sodding it. The left side (where he had seeded it) is okay for walking on now by the puppies, and us humans use the bricks. I think he just wants something (like sod) that will be okay to walk on and shovel a bit come winter, as the seeded part will still be too tender for that.

I'm so pleased with the way hubby's flowers and shrubs are growing so well and filling out. The flowers are blooming on many plants, on some they are starting to fade as it's not their blooming time anymore. And we have at least 2 bushes that flower beautifully in late summer and autumn. They always still have gorgeous flowers on them when we get our first snowfalls.

Sister Brenda and b.i.l. Rory and kids are coming over this afternoon for a visit, and to check out the changes here outdoors and indoors. Brenda is an avid flower gardener and we took a tour around her gardens and flower pots when we were there Saturday night for Rory's birthday party. They haven't been here since hubby did all this work, and since I've redecorated inside.

I'm sure they'll love the new front yard here.... as I type this yet another neighbour/passerby is standing out front talking to hubby. It has brought many people by to comment on how lovely it looks. He can't quite figure it out, but I keep telling him, "Honey, it looks so great!"

I hope you are all having a safe and happy Labour Day weekend. Take good care of each other, and I'll catch up with you here in a couple of days.

Love Jude


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