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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Still recovering from that rather evil stomach virus and feeling better. When I get completely back to normal I think I'll go out and celebrate. Wanna come?

It's been rainy and cloudy here for the past while but I think we're supposed to get some sunshine again this weekend. Looking forward to that!

It's a week away from the next Photo Competition over at Opacity, and this month's theme is "Graveyards". As I've had so many shots in cemeteries (no kidding!) I had to keep in mind the whole time to hold back anything I might want to consider submitting. I eventually got it down from 7 to 5...... and today I finally made the decision which final 3 to keep.

I thought I'd post the 2 that I decided not to submit although I really like them, it's just that we're only allowed 3 submissions. I've also found a few others that I just never posted, and I thought I'd post them all today instead of letting them just rot in my computer. LOL

A few of these I had similar shots of the same thing:

And I like these but hadn't posted them..... I like 'em just because they're SPOOKY!

And...... these are the 2 that I decided to boot out of the upcoming competition only because I can't have that many to submit.

This one I had called "Sword of Death", and yes I played with the colours to make it more dramatic:

And dammit I really love this one, I called it "Sheltered Rest".

As usual, to really capture and appreciate the photos it is so much better full size! A lot is lost when they have to be this small for posting, but you get the idea.

Well folks that's about it for this chick today...... I think I'll go vegetate in front of something I don't look at too often anymore; the T.V.

Have a great weekend, and take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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