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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Well damn if it isn't ANOTHER birthday for the Big Guy on Wednesday!

I sure hope someone spoils the heck out of you too, you surely do deserve it. You know if I was there I'd make you a feed of good ol' Ukranian Borscht and some birthday cake.

And hey Bob, do you see yourself in here??? ......


You and your teeth don't sleep together.

You try to straighten out the wrinkles in your socks and discover you aren't wearing any.

It takes longer to rest than it did to get tired.

Everything either dries up or leaks.

In actual fact, Bob is very young at heart and not over the hill yet. He's just..... "cresting". Hee Hee

Please go on over to TRUCKER BOB'S and say Jude sent you to say YOU'RE HOW OLD?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Hope you enjoy your day Bob, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (from a young chick)

Love Jude


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