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Thursday, January 11, 2007


After my blog post bragging about a long stretch of mild, beautiful winter weather here, yesterday we got a blizzard, which means LOTS more snow and high winds which were gusting to around 40 mph. The temperatures dropped, and we're in the deep freeze again! So Albertans, you can blame it on me..... sorry! (yep, it's all about ME) LOL

I went out less than an hour ago to take some shots and a video, and the thermometer out back read this:

With the wind chill out there, it's about -30F.

It's a pretty, sunny day today, just cold.

I took a video, you can hear the snow crunching under my winter snowboots. (for those of you who have problems seeing these videos, try clicking on the link underneath the image instead):

OR CLICK HERE INSTEAD: Snow, Anyone? It's doing strange things today so if you do get through to this link, you may still have to click on the image it gives you to make it play....Sheesh.

With the winds we had, the snowfall was drifting something fierce. You cannot really tell how awesome this looks (especially from inside the house) but the snow drift on the front of the house is just hanging down precariously and looks so beautiful.

From inside:

From the left side (bedroom window), the little snow mound you see on the bottom is the little porch roof over the front door....

From the right side (living room window):

Hubby spent hours after work yesterday shovelling the stuff.

Out back:

And front:

(Our poor bunny has been back through the night looking for food. She has already eaten all the dead leaves off the little bushes though.)

The frosty outer screen door at the back:

Sun on the snow, so damn pretty!

Well I'm going to snuggle into my warm comfy bed for an afternoon nap. Have a great day everyone, and take good care of each other....

Love Jude


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