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Thursday, October 04, 2007


When I first started trying out the "macro" feature on my digital camera (close ups) everything I shot was fuzzy. I bought myself a tripod to remedy that, as without one if you just breathe the camera moves and the picture will be blurry.

Well I quickly found out that it's a royal pain having to haul a tripod around for just a few macro shots somewhere (unless of course you set out for that purpose only) not to mention that some shots, like on the ground, are impossible with a tripod anyway.

So being the very stubborn Taurus "bull" that I am, I just kept practising and practising, until I was able to shoot say one flower about 6 times and get one good shot out of it that wasn't blurry. It's all about not breathing and steady hands AND body when you push the shutter button.

The above shots I got at my sister Brenda's place a month ago, and the rest (like the roses) I got here in our own front yard.

Autumn is in full swing here now and some of the blooms have faded, mostly flowers that only bloom in the spring and early summer. But others are still a going concern and honestly if we didn't get winter at all, would just keep on blooming forever.

We've been getting frost now almost every morning. It's gone as soon as the sun rises though, leaving it's wonderful melted water drops in my garden.

Soon enough the entire garden will be under a blanket of snow, awaiting the breath of spring to give life to all the blooms once again. But for now, I am enjoying the colours still showing out there.

In another few weeks whether there is snow or not on the ground, sister Pammie and I will be decorating the front lawn and house with spooky Halloween things. It's usually pretty cold out by then, if not snowy, at the very least the air is frosty and the little goblins and witches can see their breath.

But for now, a last dance with the bloomers in my garden while it's still warm enough for them to thrive.......

It's Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada and Monday is a holiday. For all my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe and enjoy the turkey.

I hope everyone who is reading this has a great weekend coming up, take good care of each other and God Bless.

Love Jude


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