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Thursday, January 29, 2009


It's that time again folks! The "Artsy" theme photo contest is up and running over at Stardom Awaits! so head on over to place your vote for your favourite shot.

Just WAIT until you see the entries, there are some really incredible photographs! I have to admit that to me, this one so far has turned out to be the most fun to see, simply because of the wide variety of subject matter.

As usual I am posting some of my shots that did NOT make the cut. It's very hard to choose and only keep some. Sorry there are quite a few, but believe me there are more than this!

1. Oil Lamp

2. Etiquette Of Old

3. Black & White Spa

4. Sunny Corner

5. After Tea

6. Incense and Candles

7. Milliner's Shop

8. Stark Silence

9. Love

10. Best Friends

Enjoy the photos over there folks, and thanks again for participating!

Take good care of each other and have a good week.

Love Jude


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