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Friday, June 11, 2010


We've been getting a lot of rain/sun combination here of late, and it's actually a very good thing for lawns, gardens and trees. They love it!

After a full day of rain, yesterday morning when it was down to just a drizzle I went out with my camera, mainly to look for a good water-drop-shot for the next photo contest ("Water") but enjoyed shooting the rest of the gardens too.

Here, you can see my Dwarf Lilac has it's teeny tiny pink flowers blooming (left), the Asiatic Lily plant has buds that will soon bloom, and the Iris has it's purple flower buds already just about ready to open. Now we just need some weeding and more blooming.

These Iris' come up every year, just like our Lilies, without us ever really doing anything to them, they're quite hardy for this climate's winters.

Hubby got a really good start to weeding and getting the flower beds all pretty tidy before the rains set in, once he's got some time and everything dries up a little bit hopefully he'll weed again and then we can get some annuals in.

With my arthritis et al, I can't do the outdoor work as getting on my knees and bending so much won't allow it. But thankfully he loves the gardening work, he just needs the time for it. Normally he has his 3 weeks vacation right now, but this year he has to wait until some time in July, so it's all behind. Still, the perennials are looking great out there!

All of the "early" spring flowers have long faded away, but the late spring lilacs are still hanging in there! It's still a VERY young plant, but the flowers we do get on it smell sooooo deliciously good.

Of the 3 lilacs we bought a couple years ago (this one, and 2 Dwarfs, the little Pink flowered one out front, and another white flowered Dwarf out back that still hasn't flowered) this one is my favourite for it's scent and flowers.

Some flowers are beautiful for their looks, others for their scent, and some, like the lilac, is wonderful for both. When you bring some cuts into the house it's better than any air freshener.... even the ones I make! LOL

In other news, it's been confirmed that I do have Fibromyalgia, no surprise there as with the constant pain and other issues I've been suspecting it for years. I'm going herbal again, and hopefully in the coming months it will help. (Omega 3 Oil and oatmeal)

Also, I've gone off Lipitor a few months ago for cholesterol as it started to affect my muscles greatly (badly!) especially in my arms. My doc has me started on a weaker med for it, one that he assures me won't affect my muscles. Also I've gone with some herbal help there too.

Current Photo Contest:If you haven't already, head over to Stardom Awaits! and vote for your favourite "Earth" theme photo. The voting is open for a few more days!

Have a great weekend everyone, and take good care of each other!

Love Jude


Blogger Bobbie said...

It sounds like you've had the same sort of weather that we've had. The weatherman has been calling this month June-uary because it's been cooler than normal.

Your blooms are looking lovely, and you're right that lilacs are better than any air freshner you can buy.

I hope that the weaker medication and the herbal remedies can bring you some relief. It's no fun being in constant pain!

Take care and enjoy your weekend. Hope the sun shines out your way.

6:11 PM, June 11, 2010  
Blogger Jude said...

Thanks Bobbie, we had sunshine again today, it seems to take turns with rainy days. And that's probably good!

I hope you get some sun and warmer temps too. I'd love to see how your garden is doing, if you post pics on your blog.

Have a great weekend!

6:42 PM, June 11, 2010  

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