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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Life on vacation as I knew it is over and my first week back has been uneventful. I do miss some of the people when I'm away but not the working.

Yesterday was kind of cool though. During lunch we were all talking about this young lady in the newspaper who just won $8.8 million and admiring her picture where she was so excited. She'd had a hard life, growing up on welfare. But she wanted to make something of her own adult life and worked hard. Then she was in a bad car accident and broke her back. Eventually it mended and she went back to work. We all commented on how it's nice to hear that someone who really needed and deserved it won all this money.

Well guess who showed up in our office right after lunch? SHE DID! And her entire family. She was in our Insurance department for a couple of hours. It was great to see the smile she wore and we all felt happy for her but still the jokes between us abounded, for example me saying we should roll her in the parking lot. Or, give me just the ".8 part!" LOL


It was nice to get out with my camera a few times while on vacation. Sister Pammie and I went to a pretty little park in our city's river valley in the downtown core, hoping for some nice autumn foliage shots. Unfortunately there are more colours on the park side of the river where we were and more green across from us, but still it was a pretty day.

There was a wedding party having their photo shoot just ahead of us and around a bend, but we opted to stay clear until they were done. The shots they got must have been gorgeous from up there. It was a shirtsleeve warm sunny day, with the sound of the breeze in the trees all around us.

There is a sandbar down on the river that always attracts a lot of gulls, and when we hit the end of the park where the wedding party had been the gulls had left the water and were circling over head. A pretty picture it made, too.

We met a lady there sitting on one of the benches overlooking downtown and the river. She didn't have a camera but instead had binoculars. She lives right in that area and said she comes there every day even in winter to sit and watch the birds and find peace. It's a very small little park but the views are pretty and you can watch the people on the walking and bicycle paths below.

After we left the park we went to a different cemetery than our favourite, actually it is right across the street from our favourite one. I'll post a few pics of that another time.

While on vacation, I had a mole removed from the end of my nose. Laser! It took just seconds and it was off. It's healing now and has a little scab but soon it'll be gone and look better. I'm just so happy not having that little bump on the end of my nose now!

We've been getting frost in the mornings now although the days warm up to a nice comfortable temperature for the most part. We're told to expect another long winter this year, so that means probably early snowfall like last year. For now though, I'm thoroughly enjoying my favourite season of the year!

I hope you're all doing well, most likely looking forward to the coming weekend. Take good care of each other, we're all we have!

Love Jude


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