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Tuesday, September 19, 2006



Sister Pammie and I grabbed our gear and headed back out to St. Joachim's on Sunday afternoon. It was the first day it had stopped raining and although cloudy and chilly, the conditions were perfect for a shoot.

Flowery Grave

Petrified Wood

Asleep Under The Boughs

Sacred Memories

Sweet Little Babe

Glowing Green

Beneath The Branches

Old Cross To Bear

Lean On Me



Life After Death


Broken Glass

The rest of my photos from this trip are posted HERE.

As we were just leaving the spot we parked in the cemetary, we noticed there was a flock of robins splashing and playing in a puddle on the road. I had to try to get it...... yes that's my best evil voice and laugh at the end:


I hope you enjoyed the photos here as well as the other ones I linked for you. It was a peaceful walk through that place, it's lovely there.

Take good care of each other, PEACE!

Love Jude


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